On the Spot

For all you folks out there who like reading books
We are offering this Site.
A Site full of Free Books.

Books of interest, in easy to read pdf
Including a fruity sprinkle of short stories
As relief for avid readers
Dont be shy to spread the word.

Shellon Higbee & Norman Lashford, Burlington, VT


Books should absolutely be shared without costs, that is our opinion.
The books in our library were chosen out of interest. Any ideological or political leanings are those of the authors, and not necessarely ours. We certainly don’t identify with extreme views in some books. We show them for your information/entertainment only.
As a rule no information on authors will be provided as any is easily available in the World Wide Web.
All entries were legally obtained and are offered legally, for non-commercial use.

There are numerous printing errors in many books. All of them could not be straightened out during re-formatting. We apologize.

Comments are invited. But
Please note:

Any comments containing links are considered spam and will be deleted immediately.

For some short periods in between we have to lay off for business reasons. But don’t worry, you’ll get fresh books again, and again.

By the way, we do not use cookies, analytics, or any similar spyware.
Cookies on this page are inserted by wordpress, without user’s consent.

A Note to our friends and readers:

WordPress recently issued a takedown order, on request by a company which does not hold rights on the pertinent book. Whether or not such rights exist is not checked by wordpress. Instead we were threatened with closure of the whole site.
All books in our home library are kept in store, and could be restored immediately. We are now looking for an alternative provider, with more fairness. You will be notified if and when the site is reconstructured somewhere else.


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