Heist Job on Thizar

Heist Job on Thizar, by Gordon Randall Garrett

Published: 1956
in »Amazing Stories«


A Stranger in Bohemia

A Stranger in Bohemia, by Fred Merrick White

Published: 1915
in »The Windsor Magazine«

Das Geheimnis des Zuni

Das Geheimnis des Zuni, by Kapitän William Käbler
[pseudonym of Walther Kabel]

Felsenherz, der Trapper, #19

Published: 1922

The Cage of Sand

The Cage of Sand, by James Graham Ballard

Published: 1962
in »New Worlds«

The Dead are Quick…

The Dead are Quick, by Emil Petaja

Published: 1947
in »Crack Detective«

Playing Straight

Playing Straight, by Lucas Mortimer

Published: 1918
in »Detective Story Magazine«

Tyrann aus der Tiefe

Tyrann aus der Tiefe, by Wolfgang Hohlbein

Der Hexer, #3

Published: 1984

A Bachelor in the Making

A Bachelor in the Making, by Charles Jackson

Published: 1954
in »Manhunt«

The Mountain Comes to Mohammed

The Mountain Comes to Mohammed, by Amelia Reynolds Long

Published: 1951
in »Smashing Detective Stories«

Anarchie und Anziehung

Anarchie und Anziehung, by John Aysa

Wiener Weltuntergang –
Frühling der Toten, #5

Published: 2013

A Border Ruffian

A Border Ruffian, by Thomas Allibone Janvier

Published: 1891

On the Eighth Tee

On the Eighth Tee, by Martin Brand

Published: 1941
in »Red Mask Detective Stories«

The Great White Moth

The Great White Moth, by Fred Merrick White

Being an Adventure of Drenton Denn, Special Commissioner

Published: 1898

Satan’s Protégé

Satan’s Protégé, by William Campbell Gault

Published: 1950
in »Story Detective«


Triangle, by Jeffery Deaver

Published: 2001

Hot Eyes, Cold Eyes

Hot Eyes, Cold Eyes, by Lawrence Block

Enough Rope collection

Published: 1978

The Retreat of the Ten

The Retreat of the Ten, by Joseph Alexander Altsheler

Published: 1904
in »The Cosmopolitan« magazine

The House on Maple Street

The House on Maple Street, by Stephen King

Published: 1993
in »Nightmares and Dreamscapes«

Three Guesses

Three Guesses, by David Goodis

Published: 1942
in »Hooded Detective«

The Case of the Dog-Biter

The Case of the Dog-Biter, by unknown Author

A Dixon Hawke Mystery

Published: 1940

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