The Cairn on the Headland

The Cairn on the Headland, by Robert Ervin Howard

Published: 1933
in »Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror«


The Footfalls Within

The Footfalls Within, by Robert Ervin Howard

Solomon Kane

Published: 1931
in »Weird Tales«

Der Stein der Wangorows

Der Stein der Wangorows, by Max Schraut
[pseudonym of Walther Kabel]

Kabel Kriminalbücher, #42

Published: 1926


Empathy, by James Siegel

Published: 2006

Brink of Infinity

Brink of Infinity, by Stanley Grauman Weinbaum

Published: 1936
in »Thrilling Wonder Stories«

The Secret of Quaking-Asp Cabin

The Secret of Quaking-Asp Cabin, by Zane Grey

or, Quaking-Asp Cabin

Published: 1954
in »The American Weekly«

East of Gorontalo

East of Gorontalo, by Louis L‘Amour
[pseudonym of Louis Dearborn LaMoore]

Published: 1940

The Ghost Fighter

The Ghost Fighter, by Louis L‘Amour
[pseudonym of Louis Dearborn LaMoore]

Published: 1938

The Plague of the Living Dead

The Plague of the Living Dead, by Alpheus Hyatt Verrill

Published: 1927
in »Amazing Stories«


Tomorrow, by Arthur Leo Zagat

Tomorrow series

Published: 1939
in »Argosy«

Blood Money

Blood Money, by Elmore Leonard

Original Title: Rich Miller’s Hand

Published: 1953
in »Western Story Magazine«

Long Night

Long Night, by Elmore Leonard

Published: 1953
in »Zane Grey‘s Western«

The Boy Who Disappeared Clouds

The Boy Who Disappeared Clouds, by Lawrence Block

Enough Rope collection

Published: 1999/2002

The Books Always Balance

The Books Always Balance, by Lawrence Block

Enough Rope collection

Published: 1999/2002

The Adventure of the Yellow Face

The Adventure of the Yellow Face, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Published: 1893
in »The Strand Magazine«

Rowdy of the Cross L

Rowdy of the Cross L, by B. M. Bower
[pseudonym of Bertha Muzzy Sinclair-Cowan]

Published: 1907

The Suburban Lothario

The Suburban Lothario, by Edgar Wallace

The Case of Patrick Herbert Mahon

Published: 1928
Charles Scribner‘s Sons, London
Reprinted: 1965
in »The Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine«

A Raid on a Gambling Hell

A Raid on a Gambling Hell, by John Macey Dixon
[pseudonym of Edgar Wallace]

Published: 1919
in »Thomson‘s Weekly News«, Edinburgh

Brennendes Geheimnis

Brennendes Geheimnis, by Stefan Zweig

Published: 1911

The Colour out of Space

The Colour out of Space, by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Cthulhu Mythos

Written: 1927
Published: 1927
in »Amazing Stories«

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