The Moonlit Way

The Moonlit Way, by Robert William Chambers

Published: 1919



Wilt, by Tom Sharpe

Published: 1976

From Russia with Love

From Russia With Love, by Ian Fleming

James Bond, #5

Published: 1957

Pawn of Prophecy

Pawn of Prophecy, by David Eddings

Belgariad, #1

Published: 1982 More

Assassination Day

Assassination Day, by David J. Wighton

Wilizy, #3

Published: 2014

In the Foreign Legion

In the Foreign Legion, by Erwin Rosen
[pseudonym of Erwin Carlé]

Published: 1910

Sad Wind from the Sea

Sad Wind from the Sea, by Harry Patterson
[pseudonym of Henry Patterson]

Mark Hagen

Published: 1959

Nine Princes in Amber

Nine Princes in Amber, by Roger Zelazny

Chronicles of Amber, #1

Published: 1970

Flight of the Intruder

Flight of the Intruder, by Stephen Coonts

Jake Grafton, #1

Published: 1986

Die Vorsehung von Büskow

Die Vorsehung von Büskow, by W. K Abel
[pseudonym of Walther Kabel]

Vergiss mein nicht, #17

Published: 1910

The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild, by Jack London

Published: 1903

Radio Boys Cronies

Radio Boys Cronies, by Wayne Whipple
Co-author Samuel Francis Aaron

Radio Boys, #5

Published: 1923

MYTH Directions

MYTH Directions, by Robert Lynn Asprin

MYTH Adventures, #3

Published: 1982

The Sword and the Dagger

The Sword and the Dagger, by Brian Cain

Published: 2011

Die Schatzkammer des Pharao

Die Schatzkammer des Pharao, by Robert Kraft

Written: 1916
Published: 2000

The Duke of Chimney Butte

The Duke of Chimney Butte, by George Washington Ogden

Published: 1920

At the Door of Justice

At the Door of Justice, by San Bei Jiu

Published: 2015

Gallows View

Gallows View, by Peter Robinson

Inspector Banks, #1

Published: 1987

Claus Störtebecker

Claus Störtebecker, by Georg Engel
Claus Störtebecker_Band 1
Claus Störtebecker_Band 2

Published: 1920

The Neon Rain

The Neon Rain, by James Lee Burke

Dave Robicheaux, #1

Published: 1987

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