Bat Wing

Bat Wing, by Sax Rohmer
[pseudonym of Arthur Sarsfield Ward]

Published: 1921


The Sin That was His

The Sin That Was His, by Frank Lucius Packard

Published: 1917

The Hunt for Red October

The Hunt For Red October, by Tom Clancy

Published: 1984

The Rise of Iskander

The Rise of Iskander, by Benjamin Disraeli

Published: 1833

The Jewish State

The Jewish State, by Theodor Herzl

Published: 1896
Republished: 1946
American Zionist Emergency Council, New York
Republished: 1988


Antonina, by William Wilkie Collins

The Fall of Rome

Published: 1850

The Courtship of Morrice Buckler

The Courtship of Morrice Buckler, by Alfred E. W. Mason

Published: 1896

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key, by Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider #3

Published: 2002


Wolfville, by Alfred Henry Lewis

Published: 1897

Raptor Aces

Raptor Aces, by Brian Bakos
Raptor Aces_Part 1
Raptor Aces_Part 2
Raptor Aces_Part 3
Raptor Aces_Part 4

Published: 2015

Making Amends

Making Amends, by Jeffery Deaver

The Horses of Bostil’s Ford

The Horses of Bostil’s Ford, by Zane Grey

Published: 1912
in »Munsey‘s Magazine«

Der Ring der Borgia

Der Ring der Borgia, by Walther Kabel

Argus-Kriminal-Bibliothek, #91

Published: 1914

The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic, by Terry Pratchett

Discworld Series

Published: 1986

The Wolf’s Long Howl

The Wolf’s Long Howl, by Stanley Waterloo

Published: 1899

Introduction to Wicca

Introduction to Wicca, by M. L. Rosenblad

American Spiritual Alliance

Published: 2012

Weird Beliefs

Weird Beliefs, by Barry Wilson

Published: 2012

The Wilderness Castaways

The Wilderness Castaways, by Dillon Wallace

Published: 1913
Fifth Edition: 1922

Die Hand des Toten

Die Hand des Toten, by Walther Kabel

Nic Pratt,  #1

Published: 1922

Herbert West – Reanimator

Herbert West-Reanimator, by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Written: 1921
Published: 1922
in »Home Brew« More

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