The Poltroon History of Lord Kitchener

The Poltroon History of Lord Kitchener, by G. B. Thomas


The Governors

The Governors, by Edward Phillips Oppenheim

Published: 1908

Der aber werfe den ersten Stein…

Der aber werfe den ersten Stein, by Walther Kabel

Published: 1912

A Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Published: 1887
in »Beeton‘s Christmas Annual«

The Heart of Canyon Pass

The Heart of Canyon Pass, by Thomas K. Holmes

Published: 1919

Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla

Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla, by Carlos Marighella

Minimanual do Guerrilheiro Urbano

Written: 1969
Published: 1969

The Secret of the Night

The Secret of the Night, by Gaston Leroux

Rouletabille chez le Tsar

Published: 1914

The Penal Cluster

The Penal Cluster, by Ivar Jorgensen
[pseudonym of Gordon Randall Garrett]

Published: 1957
in »Amazing Stories«

The Mystery of the Four Fingers

The Mystery of the Four Fingers, by Fred Merrick White

Published: 1908

In Desert and Wilderness

In Desert and Wilderness, by Henryk Sienkiewicz
In Desert and Wilderness_Part 1
In Desert and Wilderness_Part 2

Published: 1912

Rosa Alchemica

Rosa Alchemica, by William Butler Yeats

Both Sides the Border

Both Sides the Border, by George Alfred Henty

A Tale of Hotspur and Glendower

Published 1899

Drums of the Sunset

Drums of the Sunset, by Robert Ervin Howard
or, Riders of the Sunset

Published: 1928
in »Cross Plains Review«

Stories of a Western Town

Stories of a Western Town, by Octave Thanet
[pseudonym of Alice French]

Published: 1892

The Tree

The Tree, by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Written: 1920
Published: 1921
in »The Tryout«

The Terrible Old Man

The Terrible Old Man, by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Written: 1920
Published: 1921
in »The Tryout«

Maria Wielands Geheimnis

Maria Wielands Geheimnis, by Walther Kabel

Argus-Kriminal-Bibliothek, #12

Published: 1911


Khaled, by Francis Marion Crawford

A Tale of Arabia

Published: 1891


Goetia, by unknown author

The Lesser Key of Solomon

Compiled and translated by MacGregor Mathers,
edited by Aleister Crowley

The Moors in Spain

The Moors in Spain, by Stanley Lane-Poole

Published: 1886

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