Der Mann von Eisen

Der Mann von Eisen, by Fritz Skowronnek

Aus Ostpreussens Schreckenstagen

Published: 1915


My Soul to Lose

My Soul to Lose, by Rachel Vincent

Soul Screamers series

Published: 2009

The Modigliani Scandal

The Modigliani Scandal, by Zachary Stone
[pseudonym of Ken Follett]

Published: 1976
Re-published: 1985

The Horror from the Mound

The Horror from the Mound, by Robert Ervin Howard

Published: 1932
in »Weird Tales«

The Murder on Yarmouth Sands

The Murder on Yarmouth Sands, by Edgar Wallace

Published: 1924
in »The Great Stories of Real Life« More

Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise, by Robert Brown Parker

Jesse Stone series

Published: 1998

Fist and Fang

Fist and Fang, by Robert Ervin Howard

or, Cannibal Fists
Steve Costigan

Published: 1930
in »Fight Stories«

Trap of Gold

Trap of Gold, by Louis L‘Amour
[pseudonym of Louis Dearborn LaMoore]

Published: 1951
in »Argosy«

The Lost Pilgrim

The Lost Pilgrim, by Gene Wolfe

The First Heroes
New Tales of the Bronze Age

Published: 2004

The Martian Antarctica Discovery

The Martian Antarctica Discovery, by Victor Bertolaccini
[probably pseudonym]

Alien Sphere, #1

Published: 2009

Fatal Network

Fatal Network, by Trevor Scott

Jake Adams, #1

Published: 1998

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, by Joanne Rowling

Published: 1999

The Hollow Man

The Hollow Man, by Oliver Harris

Published: 2011

Doctor Harvey

Doctor Harvey, by David Haynes

Macabre Collection

Published: 2013

The Moon-Bog

The Moon Bog, by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Written: 1921
Published: 1926
in »Weird Tales«

Massenstreik, Partei und Gewerkschaften

Massenstreik, Partei und Gewerkschaften, by Rosa Luxemburg

Published: 1906

A Plague on Both Your Houses

A Plague on Both Your Houses, by Susanna Gregory
[pseudonym of Elizabeth Cruwys]

Matthew Bartholomew, #1

Published: 1996

The Untamed

The Untamed, by Max Brand
[pseudonym of Frederick Schiller Faust]

Dan Barry, #1

Published: 1918
in »All-Story Weekly«
Published: 1919

The Sense of Wonder

The Sense of Wonder, by Stephen Marlowe
[pseudonym of Milton Lesser]

Published: 1951
in »Galaxy Science Fiction«

Michael Howe

Michael Howe, by Thomas E. Wells

The Last and Worst of the Bush-Rangers of Van Dieman’s Land

Published: 1818
Re-published: 1834

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