The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, by Colin Keith

Published: 1941
in »Astounding Science-Fiction«


The Outsider

The Outsider, by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Written: 1921
Published: 1926
in »Weird Tales«, Vol. 7

Lord Plemborns Verbrechen

Lord Plemborns Verbrechen, by Max Schraut
[pseudonym of Walther Kabel]

Harald Harst, #76

Published: 1922

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers, by Charles W. Sasser

Six, #1

Published: 2017

Final Hour

Final Hour, by Dean Ray Koontz

Published: 2015

The God of Chariots

The God of Chariots, by Judith Tarr

The First Heroes
New Tales of the Bronze Age

Published: 2004

At Aboukir and Acre

At Aboukir and Acre, by George Alfred Henty

A Story of Napoleon’s Invasion of Egypt

Published: 1899 More

The Skull and the Arrow

The Skull and the Arrow, by Louis L‘Amour
[pseudonym of Louis Dearborn LaMoore]

Old Manson’s Sin

Old Manson’s Sin, by Joseph Alexander Altsheler

Published: 1903
in »The Olympian« magazine, Nashville, TN

Durch Wüste und Harem

Durch Wüste und Harem, by Karl May

or: Durch die Wüste

Published: 1882

Before the Storm

Before the Storm, by Chris Kuzneski

The Hunters: Origins, #1

Published: 2016

See How They Run

See How They Run, by James Patterson

Original Title: The Jericho Commandment

Published: 1979

The Bedford-Row Conspiracy

The Bedford-Row Conspiracy, by William Makepeace Thackeray

Published: 1840

Nimitz Class

Nimitz Class, by Patrick Robinson

Admiral Arnold Morgan, #1

Published: 1997 More

A Husband for Janey

A Husband for Janey, by Louis L‘Amour
[pseudonym of Louis Dearborn LaMoore]

Published: 1997

How the Bells came from Yang to Hubei

How the Bells came from Yang to Hubei, by Brenda Clough

The First Heroes
New Tales of the Bronze Age

Published: 2004

The Gathering

The Gathering, by L. L. Muir
[probably pseudonym]

The Ghosts of Culloden Moor, #1

Published: 2015

Murder in Little Italy

Murder in Little Italy, by Victoria Thompson

Gaslight Mysteries

Published: 2006

The Son of Sobek

The Son of Sobek, by Rick Riordan

Carter Kane/Percy Jackson
Camp Half-Blood, #1

Published: 2013

Allah, the God of Islam, Exposed

Allah, the God of Islam, Exposed, by anonymous author

Published: 2017

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